Dr. Robert A. Howell      

Recipient of a number of "outstanding teacher" awards including "4 star" recognition by Business Week.

Dr. Howell has taught financial and managerial accounting, internal reporting and control systems, corporate financial management, financial statement analysis, management strategy and policy and turnaround management in Executive MBA, MBA, MS in Accounting, and DBA programs.

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Prior Tuck Teaching
Prior Teaching Appointments
Other Teaching Activities

Prior Tuck Teaching    
Financial Measurement, Analysis & Reporting  

The objectives of this course are to (a) understand the concepts and measurements that underlie corporate financial statements, (2) develop the skills needed to analyze financial statements effectively, and (3) gain an understanding of the choices firms make in reporting the results of business activities.

Financial Reporting and Statement Analysis  

This course utilizes a framework for financial statement analysis consisting of four key components: (1) business strategy analysis, (2) accounting analysis, (3) financial (ratio and cash flow) analysis, and (4) prospective analysis. Primary emphasis is placed on financial and prospective analysis. The framework is applied to a number of specific situations, including young, high growth, high tech, financial and other services, mergers and acquisitions, and troubled businesses, among others. Emphasis is placed on ways by which additional value might be created in the firm.

Financial Statement Interpretation and Analysis  

This course is designed to analyze, interpret, and evaluate financial statements effectively. The viewpoint is that of a heavy user of financial statements, whether that be in the context of private equity, a buyout firm, investment banking, asset management, or securities analysis. A central theme of the course is "value creation" -- the idea of whether a firm truly is creating value (or destroying it) for its shareholders, and how (potential) outsiders may use financial statements to identify value-creating opportunities.

Prior Teaching Appointments


Prior to his Tuck appointment, Dr. Howell held academic appointments at:

IMD: International Institute for Management Development, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Professor of Strategy, Finance, and Accounting. 1999-2000.

(a) Management Accounting and Turnaround Management courses in MBA Program

(b) Redesigned and led Strategic Finance open-enrollment Executive Education Program for three years, attended by senior financial executives from more than fifty companies and 30 countries.

(c) Designed and led in-company Executive Education programs for such companies as Agralaval Agri, KPN, and Nestle.


Thunderbird: American Graduate School of International Management, Glendale, Arizona.  

Clinical Professor of Management Accounting. 1995-1998.

(a) Management Accounting and Control course in MBA Program

(b) Designed and led in-company Executive Education Program for Phelps Dodge Corporation.

(c) Participated in a number of other tailored in-company Executive Education Programs for other corporate clients.

"Outstanding Professor" Award, 1996 and 1997.


New York University, Stern School of Business, New York, NY.  

Professor of Management and Accounting. 1977-1995.

(a) Financial and Managerial Accounting, Internal Reporting and Control Systems, Corporate Financial Management, and Business Strategy and Policy courses in MBA, EMBA, and M.S. in Accounting Programs.

(b) Co-led EMBA Study Missions to Japan and Russia.

(a) MBA Faculty "Excellence in Teaching" Award, 1989.
(b) EMBA Program, "Outstanding Teacher Award," 1994, 1995, 1999.

Harvard Business School, Boston, MA.  

Assistant Professor of Business Administration. 1967-1972.

(a) 1st Year Control, 1st Year Finance, and 2nd Year Cost Systems in MBA Program

(b) Accounting and Control in Advanced Management Program, AMP Classes #60, 62, and 63.

(c) Research: "The Acquisition Integration Process."


Other Teaching Activities


Dr. Howell has taught in a number of other degree granting EMBA Programs throughout Europe, including in Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland, and Slovenia.

He has also been a "faculty mentor" for accounting and finance professors attending the International Management Teachers Academy (IMTA), 2000-2006, and has mentored faculty from throughout Western, Central, and Eastern Europe, and the former USSR countries.